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Message From Our Founder

To the outstanding contributors of the M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund, I thank you! Your gracious giving, your valuable time and your loyal support have catapulted the success of the scholarship fund in an awesome way. YOU have helped me to assist these students to be able to live by our motto and go places "Where Success Has No Boundaries." Because of your generosity, these students will be able to embrace their dreams and further their education. Words cannot express my gratitude; therefore I will forever be indebted to you. Your thoughtfulness and liberality will never be forgotten.

To the recipients of the M.A. Lee Scholarship, I congratulate you for your hard work and adamant studies that have brought you to this pinnacle in life. I encourage you to seize every moment and maximize every opportunity that life offers. You possess the tenacity, and responsibility to become the world's greatest professionals. So I challenge each of you to achieve and never quit, believe and never doubt and your dreams and aspirations will follow you. Thank you for applying!

Over 100 scholarships and growing, we love PAYING IT FORWARD!


 The Legacy Continues

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