About Us

The M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund is a life-changing project that promotes education, the arts, and socio-economic changes. The foundation’s model is creative and innovative in combining key components such as training and education with unique celebrity and entrepreneurial mentoring experiences. The model provides opportunities for our youth to have a voice and create awareness about financial illiteracy, youth obesity, low self-esteem, high school dropout rates, and other health/social issues.

Established in 2006, by Dr. Maurice A. Lee, a local Pharmacist and community leader, the M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund provided scholarships to first year college students to assist with the financial resources needed to help pay for tuition, books and supplies. Because of his passion for education and his community, he saw fit to give back to the community by establishing a scholarship fund to assist well deserving high school graduates the opportunity to attend college despite their uncontrollable circumstances. The M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization based in Orangeburg, SC and since its inception; the foundation has awarded some 87 scholarships to students in across the United States totaling more than $100,000. Recipients are awarded with funds that may be used at the college or university of their choice.

Dr. Lee endured many financial challenges during his collegiate matriculation which gave him personal insight of the pressure these challenges could add to any college student. Coupled with his esurient desire to help others and strong community involvement, Dr. Lee tirelessly strives to help our youth maximize their potential and seize their success. He became so that others could be.

Our Mission

The mission of the M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund is to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors who strongly desire to obtain a post-secondary education, yet face financial hardships that could hinder this possibility. It is the goal of the M. A. Lee Scholarship Fund to empower the youth and foster education; thus strengthening our community.


Established in 2006, The M.A. Lee Scholarship Fund began providing scholarships to first-year college students to assist with college expenses. Our Founder, Dr. Maurice A. Lee, endured many financial challenges during his matriculation and therefore is familiar with the potential impediments that may exist due to a lack of financial resources. Because of his ever increasing passion for education and a strong love for his community, Dr. Lee founded the scholarship fund to help alleviate some of the financial burdens that unfortunately come with furthering one’s education. It is Dr. Lee’s desire to instill strong leadership qualities and promote community involvement to enhance the development and ensure the success of our youth.

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